Monthly Contest Specials & Programs




Program: Steven Suddaby – "Unfulfilled Nightmares of WWI Aerial Bombing"
This is a history of events that never happened – ideas and plans created for bombing in World War I that were never tried or were never successful during the war. The WWI topics covered include the plan to bomb New York City from Zeppelins, the actual attempts to kill the Kaiser from the air, the plans to destroy London and Paris with firestorms, and ideas about bombing cities with poison gas and biological agents.

Contest:   Best of 2016
What do you consider your best kit from 2016?  Bring it in for the January special.


Program: Chris Bowie – "1/8 Scale Pocher Car Models"
Pocher car models are large kits that resemble engineering models.  Chris' presentation will cover building these kits and Chris will bring in a couple of the models, which are quite impressive, and discuss the issues involved in building these complex models.

 Contest:  "Many Shades of Grey" – Any vehicle in 2 or more shades of grey


Technique: Dick Hague – "Pre-cut masks for Aircraft"
Pre-cut tape masks made for a specific kit are probably the fastest growing modeling assist that this long time builder has seen in his lifetime. They are now included in almost any new tool kit.  While most of what Dick will be talking about is made for clear parts; insignia and camo patterns are also now becoming available. There are a few tricks and tools to use them, but once you have tried them you will be a user for life.

Contest:  "Feline Frenzy" – Any vehicle named for a cat – Tiger tank, F-4 wildcat, Mercury Cougar, etc. 


Technique: Vince Mankowski – "Washes and filters as an exterior weathering technique"
Vince will demonstrate how the use of washes and filters can enhance your models.

Contest:  "Windows to the World" – Observation or scout craft, Forward Air Control, etc.


Program: Rick Burgess – "AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War"
Rick Burgess will be giving us a talk on his new book "AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War."  Rick is a former Naval Aviator and the former editor of Naval Aviation News.  He is presently the editor of Seapower magazine.

Contest:  "Celebrate" – Any vehicle, any time frame that celebrates an anniversary of a squadron or event.


Program: Aris Pappas – "What IPMS Judges Look For"
Ever wonder why your kit was not judged to be in the top three?  Aris was the Head Aircraft Judge and then the overall Chief Judge for the IPMS Nationals for over twenty years.  His insights on what impresses judges and what is "certain death" will guide you in how to bring home the gold.

Contest:  "Multi-purpose" – Any vehicle that served two or more purposes e.g., DC-3/C47,
C-130/AC-130, Toyota pickup that was also a technical, etc.




Program: Mike Fleckenstein - "Canadian Military Museums, Toronto to Ottawa"
Follow Mike on a photo tour of Aircraft and Armor Museums along Canada's "Museum Trail" from Toronto to Ottawa.

Contest:  "Shattered Dreams" – Vehicles that were untimely cancelled before they could be produced
e.g., Boeing SST, German America Bomber etc.


Program:  Mike Neyland – "Modern US Military aircraft of the 60s-80s"
A slide show of US Military aircraft that Mike has photographed during the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Sit back and enjoy!

Contest:  "Dawn of the U.S. Air Force" – Any US Air Force craft from 1947 forward.


Program: Kevin Grantham - "1954 Dayton Air Show"
The 1954 Dayton Airshow as captured through the lens of Dr. Aaron King.  Over 100 glorious Kodachrome images that depict the top military (experimental and otherwise) and civil aircraft of the day.

Contest: "Head to Tail"– Nose art and or tail art - any craft any time frame.


Technique: John Figueroa – "Using Oil Paints in Scale Modeling"
John will demonstrate how, with 0 – 100% opacity, oil paints allow you to create realistic shadows and highlights, tonal variation, fading effects, and a host of weathering techniques.  

Contest:  "Lose the Sprue" – Any vehicle built from resin, vacuform, or other non-injected material. 


Program: Holiday Party

Contest:  Build the same kit  (TBD)





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